Monday, March 23, 2009

My plan went wrong..............

When my uncle got married, I was just 7 and my sis was 9.

We both were so happy. We enjoyed a lot. We got 3 new dresses from uncle. Marriage was a grand function of 2 days.

We both did not take leave from school, as marriage was on Sunday.

Sunday evening, everything was cool and calm. Everyone went back to there home after marriage.

We both were gloomy and moreover, tired. Mom reminded us to sleep early as, we both have to go to school tomorrow.

I was fully saddened about that statement. Sis packed her bag. She did for me also. I was gloomy.Fully upset.

Monday morning, mom took me to bathroom, to try to make me clean from 2 days dirt. I troubled her in the middle, by pouring water on her dress. She got angry and started shouting at me .

From her talk, I understood that, she is on leave. And, planning to go somewhere.

I asked her, about my doudt. She continued her work as if, she did not hear my question. I also, kept silent.

I decided to get answer from my grandma for this question.

When she left me out from bathroom to dressup, I ran near to my grandma…. She was doing pooja. I went and sat on her lap. She kissed on my forehead…And, told me to go and wear uniform.

I did not listen her words. I raised my question to her. She told, all are going to aunts house.

Hearing that shocking news, I could not stay there for a second more. “Why they are not taking us?.....!.....”

Jumped from her lap and ran near to my sister. She was in uniform dress, ready with her bag.

I told the sad news to her. She was cool, as if she knew that before. She forced me to wear uniform. I felt to cry loudly. “Why my mom cheated me? Why she is doing this with me ? “

Somehow, I got into school van. I was sitting next to my sister. I thought, I need to find some solution for this. I also want to go with them. 7 year old brain started working very fastly. I started thinking for a reson to come back to home. Finally, I got that. !.............

I started weeping. She asked me, what had happened…. I told her, “ cannot sit. Ayoooo….Stomach Ache…!....Stomach Ache….”.

Now also, I am not clear, whether she understood my trick that day or not.

We were near to school. I started crying loudly. Driver uncle felt bad and, he took me to my class teacher.

My sister also came with us. She could not bare her small sister crying because of pain. Class teacher allowed to take leave. She told driver uncle to leave me back to home.

I was happy. I don’t know to express that now. Till I reach my home, my drama continued. Mom and grand mom was shocked when they saw me coming back to home.

Mom ran and came near to the gate. She took me on her hands. I started crying loudly. She tried to make me cool. “What happened? “ that was the only question from her. He told whole story to her.

She was relaxed. Kissed me on my cheeks and asked, “For this,..u cried ?”

She told thanks to him…and send him back. I was OK by 5-10 minutes.

After 10-20 minutes, she came with an old dress. She told me to change my uniform.

I eagerly asked her, “Why are you not taking me with you ?... I am also coming. “.

She again took me on her hands, and told “You are not well . right? So, be here with your grand mom, Even she is not coming. And, you will be a good and healthy girl by the time we all are back from that home.”

Ohhhhhhhhhhh…God !........... What should I feel ?

All plans went wrong. I did not cry. It took time for me to come back normal state.

Only me and grand mom were there at home.

My plans,…..My tricky thoughts,…Everything went wrong.

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