Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Still i am not clear...............

Still ...i am not clear....

It was a fresh and breezy morning.
When i got up, not a soul was next to me. Last night, we all went to bed together.
My 4 cousins, My sister and me. Now, no one nearby.
“Where those 5 went !..... without taking me ? ? ”. .....I felt it as heartbreaking.

Jumped from the bed,i ran and came to downstairs.
Dad was reading news paper from center hall. I did not heed him. Went near to my sweet mom. She was preparing coffee. I put my query in front of her. “Where all those went, leaving me alone? “

She smiled to me and told, “ They tried to pull you out from bed. But, you did not get up. They went for jogging without taking you.” ..........

Ohhhhhhhhhhh !!!!...... yesterday’s hot discussion came to my mind that time.
Yah!... We decided to go for jogging from today at sharp 6.00’o clock. Now its 6.35 !!.... I felt depressed and confused.

“Can i just go and check where they will be? “...was my next question to mom. She allowed me to just go for 10 min walk and to come back. I was happy and ran out.

Dad saw me running outside impatiently. He called me and told me to go after brushing.
“ Ohhhh....Before they come back, I have to go. If i don’t join with them, its shame for me”.
He did not agree. ... soo sad.

After 10 minutes he just saw me in a momentary look.

I ran out from my home... not jogging . My venture was to find them.

Road was calm and quiet. Nobody in my sight. I started to run.
Suddenly, i saw a dog coming opposite to me. I started to run back to home.
Ohhh ... That bloody creature also started running with me... Running so fastly....!!!!!!!!!!!!!........... 

When i was small, i learned that Dog is a great athlete. I experienced that statement that day.

I cannot see in my mind's eye, how fastly i ran that moment in time. I ran near to my home. Hummaaa!...... Gate was closed. I got struck there. No time to open the gate. Turned back. Just 1 feet back of me, its standing.... 

I closed my eyes strongly , screamed,...shouted... ....*&$^$%^*&*.......

After 2-3 minutes, i realized that, nothing happened to me.
Slowly... when i opened my eyes, i saw dog running away from me ...back to road. I saw my aunt and dad running towards gate.

When, i woke up, i was on dad’s bed. Mom, came with a cup of coffee. Smiled at me and told. “No one will go for jogging from tomorrow.”

After i got struck near gate,...What happened?? ...I tried to recollect ....

Dog got afraid ??? I think so...Anyway i did not get afraid. Because, I was in a cataleptic mind... from the time i saw the dog running back of me.

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